Sep 14, 2023

How to Make your Business Attractive to Working Parents

As the kids have gone back to school, many working parents find themselves juggling hectic work schedules and childcare. Leaving some parents feeling forced to go part-time, or even stop working altogether.

Make your workplace attractive to working parents by offering family-friendly working policies, to continue to attract and retain top-talent.

Flexible working

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your organisation is family friendly is to offer flexible working. Parents will hugely appreciate being able to take their kids to and from school, without having to stress about additional childcare and after-school clubs. Allowing your employees to set their own hours, work from home, and work around what works for them, and your business, will encourage loyalty and boost morale.

On-site childcare facilities

Whilst not always feasible for smaller organisations, businesses with large offices or facilities should consider investing in on-site childcare amenities. This will put parents at ease as they can visit their children on their break times and not have the hassle of having to pick and drop off their children at day-care. It is also beneficial for mothers who may still be breastfeeding.

Job sharing

Allowing two employees to job share is a great way to keep valuable staff on-board. For example, this may work by one person working 3 days and the other 2, to complete all required tasks for the same job.

Increase parental leave

Offering increased parental leave for people who have just had a baby will show that you value family life and want to give your employees the time their need to bond with their baby. This will help employees are emotionally, physically and mentally ready to return to work.


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