Aug 14, 2023

How to Stand Out in An Employer-Led Market

The UK has experienced a candidate led recruitment market for the last few years, however the tide is starting to turn with employers being able to take back more of the bargaining power.
To stand out in an employer-led market you should do the following to attract the best candidates:

Highlight your Employer Brand

The first thing most job seekers will do will be to seek out online reviews of your company. They want to gain a good understanding of the service you offer, and be reassured by real-life testimonials that your company will meet their needs and find them employment, or be a good place to work.

To highlight your employer brand, you should focus on fostering a strong company culture, developing a benefits and rewards programme and ensure that employees have opportunities for growth. People like to work for companies that share the same values that they have, this can include implementing policies on ESG and partnering with local charities.
Having a strong employer brand can make all the difference when attracting and retaining top talent.

Ensure your job descriptions are strong

Job seekers see hundreds of job descriptions every day, ensure that your descriptions stand out from the crowd. Your job descriptions should give the job seeker a clear idea of the role they’ll be doing, what the company stands for and what rewards and benefits are on offer.
People look to work for companies that are ambitious and forward thinking, try to incorporate this in your descriptions. Highlight your company culture, training opportunities, flexible working policies (if applicable) and any additional benefits such as a car allowance, subsidised gym memberships and healthcare schemes.

Streamline the hiring process

Ensure that the hiring process isn’t drawn out with unnecessary stages. You may find that applicants pull out when the process is arduous and time consuming. Outline the process to candidates from the beginning so that they know what to expect and provide dates for when you will let them know if they have progressed to the next stage.

Do your research

Benchmark the salary and benefits package on offer against competitors in the same industry. You’re unlikely to attract strong candidates if you’re offering below the norm.

Focus on diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workforce can help you to attract and retain the best people. Working with people from different cultures and backgrounds will provide your organisation with a more rounded outlook and help you to solve problems better.


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