Nov 9, 2023

The Benefits of Recruiting in December

Many organisations slow down their recruitment in the month of December, with some even choosing to put a complete pause on hiring until the new year. There are however many benefits to recruiting in December, including:

Reduced Competition

Many companies slow down their hiring processes during the holiday season. This could mean fewer competing job postings and a smaller pool of candidates vying for positions. Potentially making it easier to stand out and attract top talent.

Serious Candidates

People searching for jobs in December tend to be particularly motivated to make changes in their career. They might be seeking new opportunities for the upcoming year, leading to a pool of more committed and serious candidates.

Planning for the New Year

As most candidates will have a notice period with their current employer, it is a good idea to interview at least one month in advance of when you would like them to start. If you make a job offer in early December most candidates will be available to start in January.

Flexible schedules

People might have more flexible schedules during the holidays, making it easier to schedule interviews. This could streamline the interview process and accelerate decision-making.

Seasonal Hires Turn Permanent

Companies often hire seasonal employees during the holiday season. This can act as a trial period, allowing employers to assess performance and potentially transition these employees into permanent positions if they prove to be a good fit.

Access to Passive Candidates

Some professionals who are not actively seeking jobs might be more open to opportunities during the festive season, due to reflection on their career goals for the upcoming year.

Company Image and Culture

Engaging in recruitment during the holiday season can showcase a company’s dedication to growth and investment in its workforce, positively impacting the employer brand and company culture.

How to engage candidates during December

As people start to wind-down and the party season is in full swing it may prove more difficult to engage with candidates during the recruitment process. To improve your chances of keeping candidates interested you should:

• Offer remote interviews i.e. via Teams or Zoom.
• Keep in touch with candidates during the process, this can include sending an informal catch-up message when your offices are closed, just to check in with the candidate. It is important to not let candidates go cold during Christmas and New Year. A simple ‘wishing you a great Christmas’ message before the 25th can work a treat. It is however important not to pester candidates during this time of year, and definitely do not contact them regarding job opportunities on Christmas Day.

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