May 18, 2022

What attracts potential candidates to an organisation?

When looking for a new job, most jobseekers will look for factors that can suit both their professional and domestic life. Factors such as company environment, work life balance, benefits and progression opportunities.

Company Environment

Most people when searching for a job find that the company culture must fit and stay true to the values they promote. Having a good supportive company environment allows employees the fulfil their potential and progress in their career.

There should also be training / development programs in place which allow employees to achieve their full potential their professional career.

Jobseekers will look at company reviews online and on social media to get an idea of the company’s reputation and decide if it is the right fit for them.

Having a strong employer brand can enable organisations to pool better qualified candidates and hire employees faster than organisations with a weaker employer brand.

No micromanagement within the company environment can be a huge deciding factor in attracting candidates to your organisation. This shows that the company trust their staff, which in turn gives them a sense of purpose which can make them more loyal to the business.

Work life balance

Having a good work life balance is more important than ever. Most people when searching for a job will look for companies which have a good work life balance so they can spend time with family as well as succeeding their goals. Employees with a good work life balance are usually more motivated and more productive on a day-to-day basis – they also tend to have better mental health too. Employees with a poor work life balance have been found to have a more negative mental health and are more unhappy within their workplace.

Employee benefits

Many employers offer benefits to attract and retain staff. Benefits can include:

  • Staff Discount
  • Employee Rewards Programme
  • Eye care vouchers
  • Ability to purchase extra holidays
  • Private medical
  • Dental cover
  • Company Car etc.

A well written job description

A job description that covers all aspects of a job and covers the employee benefits on offer can attract candidates that are best qualified for the role. Readability is always key when writing a job description so aim to write one that is concise and is clear. They should also reflect the values of the business and how these come into play when recruiting new members of staff.

Develop a concrete marketing strategy

Through having a concrete marketing strategy, you will be able to target the right applicants for the job at the right time.

Promote your company culture, values and mission when advertising roles.

Workplace recognition program

A company should always recognise and congratulate their employees’ achievements. This can in turn boost productivity and morale of your staff. A company that recognises achievements is highly regarded by those searching for a job, as it could give them a sense of comfort and pride working within their role. Workplace recognition often reinforces the values of a company showing they care about all staff and want them to achieve their staff to achieve their full potential.


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