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How to Choose the Right Candidate

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You’ve sifted through multiple CV’s and set up a crazy number of interviews. Now it’s time to choose between your candidates.

Trust Your Instincts

Use the interview as a chance to get to know the person you are potentially hiring. This can be achieved through tailoring the interview to be more conversational. You will be able to gain a greater insight into that person’s personality.

Cultural Fit

Although having relevant experience is beneficial, look at how well they would respond to working within their team and how they would respond to tasks given to them by their manager.

All hiring processes should assess a candidates fit within the company, as well as how competent they are when carrying out their job.

Think about how their personality will fit within the existing team and if they have the same approach to work as your current employees.

Give Them a Task to Complete

All candidates when applying for a job will say that they are fully competent with the tasks they are faced with. A good way to test this is to set up a second interview and relay them a task related to the job description.

This can be done through asking them to present their answers to a task-based scenario. Include constraints within the task such as budget and time restrictions to see how well they can use their creativity to solve business problems.

Try to Look Past Their CV

An impressive CV isn’t always the answer to your hiring needs. Ask the candidate about how they would fit themselves into the team and what kind of role they would play. From this, you will be able to tell what level of participation the candidate will be willing to play within their team.

Use Behavioural Assessments

An extension of looking past someone’s CV is to conduct a behavioural assessment. These are a good way to see which candidate will be perfect for the role you are hiring for. A behavioural assessment is a way to identify a person’s natural strengths and weaknesses.

An example of a behavioural assessment could be the following:

  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation.

From this, you could identify traits like how well a person works within a team, whether they are a leader etc.

Look at How They Treat Other People

You could find it beneficial to ask other people in the business how the candidate interacts with others outside of the interview.

A good person to ask would be the receptionist as they will often be their first point of contact when entering the workplace.

Using these methods, you will be able to find not only the best candidate for the role but the candidate who will stay with you and your company on a long-term basis.

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