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How to Present Your Best Professional Self on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is used by over 756 million users worldwide and is a fantastic platform to showcase your professional skills and talents. Whether you are using LinkedIn to search for a new job or to make business connections, it is important that your profile represents the best version of yourself.

Professional Photo

It may seem obvious but you should select a profile photo that projects a professional image of yourself. Your photo should ideally be a headshot taken against a plain background. Avoid pixilated, blurry photos, group pictures or photos that show you drinking alcohol.

Use Keywords in your headline

People tend to use their headline to state their position and the name of the company they work for, for example ‘Joe Bloggs Marketing Executive at Pin Point Recruitment’. You can however extend your title, to reach the 120 character limit, by including keywords relating to your skillset and responsibilities.

For example:

Marketing Executive| Paid Social|SEO & PPC|Email Marketing|CRM|Brand Management|Pin Point Recruitment

Headhunters tend to use keywords in their search terms, so it is important to feature these to get noticed.

Include key skills, work history and achievements

Your profile summary should state your key skills, work history and achievements, as well as showing off your personality. Lead with your greatest accomplishments, summarize your job in your own words, weave through academic achievements and show passion for what you do. Highlight both hard and soft skills.

Ask for recommendations

LinkedIn give users the opportunity to request a recommendation from their peers or ex-work colleagues. This is a chance to display feedback about your skills and working style on your LinkedIn page, direct from those you have worked with.

Like, comment and share relevant content

A good way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to like, share and comment on relevant industry content. This shows that you are engaged in the industry in which you work and can share your knowledge and expertise.

You should also share insights from your own career and accomplishments in the business you are working for.

Make the right connections

Connect with people who can aid you in your career, industry leaders, top employers in your specific market. When making a connection with someone that you do not directly know it is beneficial to send them a short message alongside your request, explaining why you would like to connect. This could be something along the lines of ‘Hi, I really liked your recent post on email marketing techniques, I’d love to connect to see how we can work together.’

It is best to think of your LinkedIn profile as your online CV. It is important to keep your profile as up to date as possible, read articles posted to the site and engage in conversations to bring value to your profile.

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