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Why You Should Add Quantifiable Results to Your CV

Updated: Feb 19

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Having a perfectly crafted CV in today’s job market can help you land your dream job. One of the most effective ways to stand out is through including quantifiable results in your CV. These are SMART achievements that prove your value, skills and competencies. They can include percentages, numbers, rankings and metrics.

Provides Evidence of Your Achievements

Including evidence of your accomplishments such as “increased sales by 25% within a 6-month period” can help give prospective employers some insight into what you have achieved in previous roles. It demonstrates your value through providing concrete results to help set you apart from other candidates.

Demonstrates Your Value to Employers

Since you can prove that you have achieved good results in previous roles you have worked in, it can suggest to employers that you will be able to do the same for their organisation, boosting your chances of being brought in.

Can Highlight Your Problem-Solving Skills

Quantifiable results can also involve examples of you overcoming challenges and solving problems. Whether you managed to increase your productivity or resolved customer complaints, this can demonstrate your ability to tackle issues and make a positive impact.

Builds Trust and Credibility

When you back up your points made with results, you will automatically build up a trustworthy rapport with potential employers. This can be extremely beneficial once you get through the CV stage and into the interview process. Building trust and credibility is a vital factor in the hiring process.

Facilitates Effective Communication

No matter the job role and industry, quantifiable results act as a universal language. They make it easy for anyone to understand your achievements, even if they are not familiar with previous roles and industries you have worked in.

Encourages Goal-Oriented Thinking

As soon as you start thinking about quantifiable results, you become more goal-oriented. You will immediately set objectives to complete and track your progress. This can help benefit your career as well as your CV as it can show employers that you are focused on achieving your goals.

Examples of quantifiable results

For example, if you are applying for a role in sales the hiring manager will look for quantifiable evidence such as:

  • Increase in market share.

  • Percentage of targets hit.

  • No of sales calls made.

  • Time to close sales.

If you are working in HR, examples could be:

  • Staff retention rates.

  • New staff hires.

  • Staff enrolled on CPD courses.

  • Reduced rate of absences.

If you work in project management, examples could be:

  • Number of projects or accounts managed.

  • Client retention rates.

  • Budgets managed.

  • Value of contracts negotiated.

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